The Mill
King's Court
Inner Courtyard
Palace Entrance

Plaza of the Sun
Obelisk of the Moon
Court of 1000 Warriors
Square of the Stream
Palace of Columns
Tomb of the High Priest
Bridge of Stars
Realm of Death

Temple of Horus
Palace of the Pharaoh
Temple of Nefertum
Ancient Temple of Nefertum
The Shrine of Naos
Pyramid of Anubis
Temple of Light
Pestilence's Lair

Hall of Heroes
Forum of Zeus
Gardens of Athena
Reflecting Pool
Baths of Demetrius
Temple of Mars
Coliseum of War

Return to Blackmarsh
The Cathedral
Tower of the Dark Mage
Eidolon's Ordeal
Eidolon's Lair

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 Ancient Temple of Nefertum

o through the door, down a ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, break out the uneven yellow wall (at the corner) on the left (Image 1). Follow the secret passage to an opening overlooking a room with a statue (Image 2). Drop down and go left when facing the statue into the room with the 4-Snake statue (Image 3). Go straight past the snakes, up stairs and then a ramp to a barred doorway with the jar behind the bars (Image 4). Hit the button on the left to open access on the other side of the jar. Return to the 4-snake statue and go to a new teleporter on the right, leading to The Shrine of Naos (Image 5), enter.

No Secrets; Objective Order: Open Access to the Imsethy Canopic Jar; Find the Shrine of Naos.
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