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Following the tradition of Heretic and Hexen, Hexen II is based on id Software engine technology...the original Quake engine. Hailed by many as "the most beautiful game of its time," Hexen II was the first cooperative effort between Raven Software and Activision. Throughout the course of Hexen II's development, the relationship between developer and publisher became closer and closer...leading to Activision's eventual purchase of Raven Software in 1997.

Hexen II was well received and garnered much praise and multiple awards from the gaming public. The game also spawned a highly acclaimed and successful mission pack in 1998...Hexen II: Portal of Praevus. Hexen II still has a dedicated community of fans and followers to this day, despite its advancing age.

It is also interesting to note that Hexen II was the first Raven Software game to feature full hardware acceleration capability.
- Kenn Hoekstra

The Hexen II Team:
  • Project Director:
    Brian Raffel
  • Lead Designer:
    Eric Biessman
  • Lead Programmer:
    Ben Gokey
  • Lead Artist:
    Brian Pelletier
  • Lead Sound Design:
    Kevin Schilder
  • Programming:
    Rick Johnson, Bob Love, Michael Gummelt
  • Art:
    Shane Gurno, Jim Sumwalt, Mark Morgan, Rebecca Rettenmund, Kim Lathrop, Les Dorscheid, Ted Halsted
  • Animators:
    Mike Werckle, Brian Shubat
  • Design:
    Eric Biessman, Brian Raffel, Brian Frank, Tom Odell
  • Music:
    Kevin Schilder
  • Sound:
    Kevin Schilder, Chia Chin Lee
  • Intern:
    Joshua Weier
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